Film Festival Technical Direction

Pre-production management in the preparation of each screening venue to accommodate all respective accepted film formats; written technical guidelines for all accepted film titles to be delivered to the festival; answering questions and concerns of various filmmakers, producers, distributors, etc; guiding the programming team with respect to slotting films with the technical requirements in each venue; creating a cloud database and slotting grid with all titles, their formats, and technical details for use by all departments, as needed, and populated with information gathered from various sources; staffing projection and inspection crew and crew management; managing trailer and sponsor material production; on-site management of all tech installations, red carpet and high-profile screenings, and general on-site management and monitoring of all events.

Film Festival Technical Installations

Prepare each screening venue with the custom technical requirements for all festival screenings.

Content Management and Inspection

Working closely with the cloud database and slotting grid, with respect to the particular needs of each venue to ensure that all titles are inspected and prepared for each specific screening. Quality control inspection of image, sound, DCP authoring and packaging, drive & file formatting, etc. Updating the most accurate details from the inspection process into the cloud database, and alerting the festival, print shipping, and the technical director of any issues that may affect the quality of a title’s screening. Inspection is done as early as possible and chronologically, so as to allow for time to resolve any issues or concerns prior to festival screenings.

Motion Picture Projection

Working with the installation team to ensure that the cinema has been prepared with the most optimal usability and operation set up, as well as testing that all issues regarding picture, sound and server set up to meet SMPTE standards and optimal quality. Screen testing and managing all content on servers, etc. Working closely with the house staff in the operation needs of each individual screening, as well as projection of all content, and monitoring of all intros and Q&As.

Print Shipping & Traffic

Working closely with the programming team to reach out to all contacts related to each title, ensuring that the technical guidelines have been properly distributed, fielding questions and concerns regarding the shipment to and from the festival, working closely with distributors, producers, shipping companies, etc. to ensure the arrival of all titles as close to festival deadline as possible, as well as communicating server needs for KDM delivery. Preparing and shipping out each title as per the individual requirements communicated to the festival, etc.

Summary of Services

Providing collaborative team based technical support to established and fledgling film festivals to seamlessly bridge the gap between artistic and programming objectives and theatrical presentation.

Hill Top Productions, LLC can offer scalable solutions to address festival logistics including but not limited to:

  • Film and digital print delivery
  • Content inspection
  • Qualified and experienced projectionists and technicians.
  • DCP creation and repair
  • KDM management
  • New media and alternative format support
  • Creation of documented operational workflows and procedures
  • Technical direction, supervision, managerial responsibilities.

DCP Pricing & Form

If you are interested in our DCP services you can click here to download our DCP Form and you can also download our DCP Pricing document here. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to answer any questions or inquiries you might have.

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